Premium unique smart phone cases handcrafted from wood and metal by Pretui

No simple sleeve but an individual etui for your smart phone. Design your own iPhone case from high-class components. Hand made in Germany. Become unique now! 


wood-internal of a smartphone-etui by Pretui.

Noble wood
The top

The top of the smartphone case is shaped with highest precision out of the finest pieces of wood available in Germany. Before a piece of wood goes into production it is stored in a dry place for at least a year. After that the best pieces are chosen for production by two experts to guarantee the right quality for a genuine Pretui component.
At the moment you have the choice of walnut, beech and maple. In a small wood manufacture in Germany’s West, longstanding experts cut the wood in a way so it becomes extremely thin but remains unbreakable for the smartphone case. As soon this step is accomplished, the wood gets the requested curing.

metal-internal (milled) of a smartphone case from Pretui.

Refined metal
The bottom

The bottom of the etui is milled from a massive piece of metal and after that – according to the customer’s request – hardened, coated or ulterior refined. In contrary to conventional methods like bending or casting of metal this technique guarantees a very good stability combined with slim material thickness of the iPhone case. Only the best in terms of metalworking is good enough for a Pretui. Furthermore milling is the most precise way of metal work. This sophisticated task is done by an expert business in the South of Germany. The refinement of the metal is the next step done by other professionals.

insertion of a felt in a smartphone case from Pretui.

Precisely fitting natural felt
The interior

To avoid annoying tottering or slipping out of the smartphone the inside is lined with premium natural felt. There is no millimetre of extra space for the smartphone – the case clings to the iPhone like a second skin and protects it from scratches. This part of the smartphone case is made by a business with a rich tradition in the East of Germany.

Precise marquetry of a logo or monogram in the wood-part of a Pretui.

The monogram
Passion for detail

Your personal monogram, the logo of your company or the curved Pretui logo decorates the wooden part of your smartphone etui. Both with and without metal inlay the monogram is a further means to design your very own individual smartphone case by Pretui. This way every Pretui is a unique copy!

Picture of the handcraft from the smartphone case producer Pretui.

All handcrafted
The finishing

Our expert partners in Germany make all the components according to our briefing: - smart phone cases Hand made in Germany. The moment the components arrive at our place in Tübingen, our strict quality check follows. If that is passed the individual components are put together in thorough and precise handwork and allowed to rest so the wood can accustom to its new vicinity. Before shipping it is verified that nothing is warped and the finished etui meets our high requirements. After that the product is shipped and the customer can look forward to his or her individual smartphone case.

Three content customers of a iPhone case from Pretui.

What our customers say

"Definitly a nice piece! Rock on, for my next phone I want another one."
Maximilian von A.
"Simply beautiful! It is possible, that 1-2 of my friends will order also one. ;-)"
Maria O.
"Great thanks Pretui. Top design and quality - perfect for my office!"
Lennart C.

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