The enterprise Pretui
a noble manufacturer for extraordinary smartphone cases hand made in Germany

What is Pretui?

Pretui is a young company from Germany. In 2010, we had the idea to produce a very special and noble kind of smartphone case. In cooperation with our product designer we were finally able to create a first sample of what Pretui is today: A smartphone case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Several master craftsmen helped us optimize every part of the case. After spending much time on elaborating and examining the product in detail, we could proudly say: The first of our magnificent cases is ready for you! After this we developed the whole product into even higher spheres with new individualisation methods for you. For Pretui, the high quality of the product was the most important during every step of its development. And it will continue to be in the future.

Who is Pretui?

We are two entrepreneurs who are passionately working toward our aspiration. Luckily, we could find many supporters that we proudly call a part of Pretui by now. Through conscientious research, we were able to find eight cooperations from Germany with whom to collaborate. Many friends and colleagues helped us to elaborate the product to achieve its current quality and unique design. Luxury with a personal touch - hand made in Germany.

Where is Pretui?

The different parts of the smartphone case are produced all over Germany. Every Pretui is a unique piece of fibre craft that is finally put together by hand in Tübingen near Stuttgart - smart phone cases "hand made in Germany". Pretui devotes a lot of attention to the finishing of the product. After precisely testing and checking the quality, the product will be sent to our proud customers all over the world.

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