What’s with cell reception?

Our tests showed no interference regarding cell reception.

What about temperatures?

What about sound?

Special hollows are made right into the etui itself. Hearing your phone ringing should not be a problem. Our tests showed only little insulated sound.

What about vibration?

Beacause of the special felt the vibration of your phone is not isolated at all.

How long takes production?

Every Pretui is unique made by hand. More than seven different enterprises all over germany take part in its production and because of that it takes about five to seven weeks to complete a case. Quality takes time.

What does a smart phone case from Pretui weight?

We only use best materials which are processed by master craftsmen so they are light and sturdy. So in spite of the solid materials we are able to praduce with a low weight. The version for the iPhone 4/4S weighs just under 100g/3.5oz.

What about handling?

The cases for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S are made to take the phone topside up/down. So it is no problem to use the headphone jack. The sides of the case are layered with two different kinds of felt. This way your phone slides in better and has a good fit. If you want you can put your phone in the other way round.

Is it possible to see the display?

No! You can put your phone in or take it out but not use it as long as it is in the case. Some of our customers like that they don’t take a look at their phone all the time anymore.

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